An agreement was reached between the chairman of the Bar Association and the heads of the N8 penitentiary institution

4 June 2021

The Chairman of the Bar Association, Davit Asatiani, visited the N8 penitentiary institution, where he got acquainted with the problems that lawyers face in the process of meeting with prisoners.

As a result of the meeting with the heads of Davit Asatiani N8 institution, an agreement was reached to solve the problem of long queues for lawyers.
According to the agreement, all 28 rooms in Gldani N8 facility, from 9 am to 11 am, will be dedicated only to lawyers. Also, the time for lawyers' meetings will be postponed until 19:00. The mentioned change came into force today.

Also, as a result of the agreement, the prison administration will be involved in the process of mobilizing staff so that as soon as they enter the lawyer's facility, the prisoner will be evacuated in a timely manner so that lawyers no longer have to wait for hours.

The Bar Association will actively monitor the quality of the process.
Lawyers are asked to schedule visits in the morning if possible.

It should also be noted that the Bar Association has already started working to create an online platform to address the problem of queues in N8 penitentiaries. The online portal will allow lawyers to plan a visit to a prisoner at a time of their choice. The staff of the institution ensures that the prisoner is brought to the meeting place on time.

Lawyers will be able to use this portal in the near future. And, for those who, for some reason, can not book a visit through the portal, it will still be possible to enter the facility live, as well as to maintain a certain number of rooms.

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